How can I be good at sketching? – Simple Pencil Drawing Ideas

First, a few lessons:

* There are limits to how much you can do at once. If you want to be a sketch artist, you also have to be good at drawing.

* You should stay away from digital sketching for the first month or so, and start drawing on a regular basis.

* Your sketches are just ideas, so don’t feel obligated to follow the exact format that you were given.

* You’ll need to create a consistent style, and stick to it all the way through. A consistent style is important for drawing and drawing well.

* If your drawings tend to overuse white space, use that instead. You don’t need to add or subtract lines. Just leave space for everything else.

* Don’t make the same sketch twice for the same subject. You’re drawing for yourself, not the image that you want to draw.

* Sketch everything from the ground up, so you can remember what you’ve drawn before going through all the different layers.

* It’s OK to use other people’s sketches as practice. But be careful!

* And finally, once you start being okay at sketching and drawing well, you’ll be ready to move on to painting.

What am I doing wrong with the way I draw? What can I do to improve?

I guess the biggest thing you have to keep in mind when drawing is “How do I make this better?”

If what you’ve done with your sketches is “I drew this and did it wrong”, then you have a problem!

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If you’re making a good drawing, then you should have a good sketch.

If you’re having a great time sketching and making great sketches, then you’re doing what it takes to be good at drawing.

If you’re being okay with “I drew this and I did it wrong”, then you have some things to work on.

1. Practice the things you want to do best.

If you’re good at drawing, then you should keep practicing what you’re good at drawing.

Your drawings will only go so far without practice. Practice can add extra polish to your sketches, or it can get your ideas out of your head and into your brain.

2. Stop using the same brush over and over again.

If you find yourself doing this, that’s a sign that you’re getting worse at drawing.


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