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How do you draw an eye? They may look similar, but how do they compare?

Well, I’m glad that you ask, because this is where I’m not a huge fan of most visual effects work. I’m going to go further and argue that it’s much better when you create an art form as an artist rather than as an animator (at least in my own view). Here’s why.

I’ll say it again: Art isn’t a craft. If your drawing is just a fancy way of drawing a line, there’s going to be a line, and a line that is too big and will show up as a line that is wrong. It’s like watching someone try and draw an entire scene as a small line and not understand why they end up drawing something larger. You can make your drawing a bit more precise, but if you’re not comfortable drawing, you’re going to struggle with how to communicate something to an audience.

So now you know it’s a skill to draw, which is great, but how do you actually learn? I know, most artists do this with their art classes. They study all of their friends’ work when they’re not drawing themselves, and use this knowledge to make their art better. But they don’t use that knowledge to make their art more accurate. They don’t use this knowledge to create a more accurate line. If you don’t make art that is accurate, why should anyone ever care that you wrote or drew something? You could have a better line on your next comic, but would it be worth it? No, it would not. We all want our art to be amazing, but if the line of something makes you feel like you just made a mistake, then you definitely aren’t on the right path.

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Here’s another aspect of the art you need to learn before you can be proud of how you make your art. To get into the right frame of mind to draw accurately, you need to get into what makes drawing a drawing worth it. What will it take for you to see a drawing you did wrong as being the line you should have drawn instead (or as it’s the line you should’ve drawn instead)? You should look at it, and think about what it’s doing. What is it doing that the line is drawing? Is this drawing a flaw in your work? Are these little details that would go unnoticed in the real world? Is my art getting this little extra that I needed to get it to the next

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