How do you draw a head? – Portrait Pencil Drawing Tutorial Pdf

Why draw heads—even the head of somebody else? Why don’t you see what a terrible, great, awful, horrible sight it must be to see a very large person’s head—you have to look down to find out if they’re real.” I thought of this, and asked, “How can you see what a thing is like without seeing it?” “It might have been easier for you,” they said, “to find out what a person’s head would be like, if you had been at once able to take your own head, and look at it, without any trouble in seeing if it was real.” “I don’t mind that,” I said, “but I will tell you something very important if you don’t mind it, that is, about you.” “I don’t,” they cried; “just listen and have fun.”

When I spoke this way about the brain, it seemed to them so clear to me that I could not believe it could be so clear in other people that I did not find it quite as clear to them, and when I went and talked with them over it more, I found it was not so clear to them.

30 Amazing Realistic Pencil Drawings
They told me that for them it was a great mystery to know whether any head was real or not. One told me of a man who had killed himself by shooting himself in the head from some place in the woods, but no one could tell where. A certain boy with a big head told me that there was a man who lived next to him, whom he named “The Head.” Another one told me that a man lived in a cottage some few feet in advance of the other men, with a head as large as an old man, and lived by chopping his own head off. Of course, in both these cases, it was impossible to tell whether the head was real or not; but one seemed to me that in these cases there was some other reason, and that the only one there was was the man’s great strength of will and courage. After all this, it did not occur to either of them that there might be any reason why the heads should not be real. I did not find any one in this great party; they all wanted to talk of what “life is like,” and were afraid to talk so much of “real things.” To them, I think, there was something very deep in their eyes, and they saw nothing for themselves, but saw people who were real, and they knew that the heads of these people

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