How do you draw pencil art? – Pencil Art

Are there any particular steps you take to do it?

When I was younger, all I was familiar with was the pencil sketch. There were a few methods of doing it…the traditional route was doing one large sketch to make a long paper piece and then using it to line up the lines on a larger sheet of paper and then making a pencil line by taking the existing line and going down each pencil stroke. The pencil line is also a good tool for showing the line and keeping things on track. However, I think the traditional route is getting out of hand.

You guys have worked together for years. You’re a two-time Hugo Award finalist, too. What gives?

For sure, the ability I have to work together and get stuff done is a huge plus, but it doesn’t have to be the biggest one. I’ve always been a good problem solver but I can also be funny. And both of our styles are fun, so it comes easily. We have a great relationship. It’s a huge benefit to both of us.

“We have a great relationship.”

If a story is ready to be illustrated, how does the editorial process work there? Or are you both open to other people coming to you?

Well, the editorial process is really simple. It’s like, “This is the story that we wanted to do. We’re trying to get it done and we need you to draw.”

What about storyboards—what are they?

Storyboards are one-page versions of the story. They are basically a page that tells the story of the entire issue, all the way from the beginning to the end. They are written out visually and then we go from there.

I know you had a story like “The Last Unicorn” written all the way up in your early days. What about that one was the hardest?

It was really hard for me. We’re both really busy writers, so the fact that something that we both really want to do was very hard. It was also a really difficult story.

At the same time, it was really fun and all fun to write for. It is really easy, especially if you’ve got such a good idea for what the story is going to be.
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When you were trying to write the first “The Amazing Spider-Man” series, you kept going back to “What’s the Story?”, so did the “Tropic Thunder” idea come

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