How do you draw pencil art? – Pencil Drawings Of Dragons And Fairies Wallpaper

Can you draw in water? How do you do that? How do they come up with that idea?

So the idea came to me at some dinner I had with two of my high school buddies who were actually very good in water-based drawing. They were drawing little drawings that they’d made of various fish shapes in water. I think they called it fish swimming. They were doing some research online, and they’re like, “Let’s take that and work out to water.” So then I started using the pencil tool. It was a tool I’ve never used but now, because I’m using Watercolor, it becomes a little bit lighter because there’s some of that white so I got that watercolor feel. And my eyes were getting bigger because I didn’t draw with pencil, I was creating using Watercolor and the tools that went with it because it was really light and easy to do; you just use your fingers and draw with one finger and then your second finger will move up and down. So, it was a lot like water, but this is a drawing for kids when they’re little, a little more like drawing with a ballpoint pen or something.

The pencil technique comes from the same book; it’s a thing in the water, but it’s really not the water at all that I did because it worked perfectly the first time for a kid, so that’s the thing that’s different and I had to really hone in on the things that I wanted, because I was working over the years with some professional illustrators and I wanted them to be great artists that I could work with. And I just knew I wasn’t going to be able to work with a book like that because it’s hard to make something look good in pencil, so I had to figure out to draw it for a computer. Because it’s not in the water, so I wasn’t drawing what I was drawing as a kid, but what it looked like on a black sheet of paper in a dark room. But I don’t like the idea of a book where it’s black and not on a paper so I had to figure out that as well.

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The water technique is the thing that I use now and I’ve been using it for about 20 years, so I can say it is the most simple thing I’ve ever done. As long as I can see, draw, sketch, color, I know it’s what I want, so my goal was to go from water to pencil, to water to digital

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