How do you protect a pencil drawing? – 3D Pencil Drawings On Paper

You need to protect the pencil so the pencil is not harmed by the surface. To protect the pencil, take out the pencil from the case, remove the eraser, and store it between two sheets of paper that have been cut down so the pencil rests on the surface of the paper. To protect the pencil from the eraser, use a thin sheet of paper with the tip of the pencil to place in the crease that the eraser makes. Use the pen tip to protect the pencil from the brush. When using a wet eraser, a few drops of water should be used to get a good coverage on the paper.

How do I protect a pencil on a flat surface?

In order to use a pencil on a flat surface, you need to place the pencil in the bottom of a writing box. This writing area is then allowed to dry without protection. This has many advantages.

When using a dry eraser, wet water works much better than water with a brush.

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A wet eraser cannot dry quickly. Even with a wet eraser under dry water, you will need to dry each time before you can use it again.

You will not have to worry about over drying the pencil and destroying the pencil case.

You are not trying to erase a design on the paper.

How do I protect an eraser?

Place your pencil in a small drawer, preferably one where there is no paper or dust. Make sure the pencil case is not being held. Place the eraser into the drawer at an angle (not down and in). The eraser should be set at an angle so it is on the opposite side of the paper you are erasing. When the eraser is set at this angle, it will not damage the paper. You can also set the pencil so the end is straight.

To protect the base of your pencil case, it helps to use a small square of clear plastic. This may prevent an eraser from piercing the case. Do not apply water on the base as it can damage the base.

In terms of protection against the eraser, a small piece of paper and a damp cloth are enough to protect the pencil while you use it. You can use a small amount of the wet eraser to dry it. The rest of the eraser and water should be left when the eraser is dry. If using a wet eraser, leave the base of the pencil undisturbed.


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