How do you sketch an eye? – Pencil Drawing Flowers Farjana

I usually try to use a brush made out of clay or wool and a felt tip pen. But, that’s it. To get the details on the eye look for something similar on other shapes.

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6. What do you do when you’re making artworks online?

I mostly use sites like Etsy. I’ll have an idea of what I’ll need when I start and I post it with a couple of other artists’ pieces. I don’t think about what it will look like as I’m just making something up. One way or the other it looks pretty.

7. Do you make anything else besides art ?

No. I do a lot of photography. I also paint, create graphic design, make jewelry and accessories.

8. Where do you buy your art supplies ?

I buy my supplies online. I bought my paint, brushes and markers from a website called Art Supply Warehouse. I’m surprised that they have everything I need for my art, for free!

9. Do you have a personal favorite or what is the best or most appreciated piece and why does it make you smile so much?

A lot of my favorite pieces have been from other artists. My favorite piece was a “Beads and Rings” by “Wanda G”. I don’t like the artist’s name because it reminds me of other people’s work. It may be because I find the colors to be so vibrant.

10. What is your favorite painting that you’ve made?

Beads and Rings is by “Wanda G” on Etsy. I made this piece when I was younger and I wanted a different look from my typical wedding colors. I love how they mixed the different colors together and the contrasting texture is so beautiful.

11. What’s your favorite book and why? Where can fans visit and learn more about it?

The Little Red Book by Barbara Walters (available in the Smithsonian) is great and I recommend it to anyone interested in art and science. It is about art history in my opinion.

12. Favorite music or band/artist or how do you like to interact with your fans?

I love to watch bands live or on tour and listen to them when I am at my desk in my office. My main music of choice I listen to is “The Beatles” over “Rabbit Heart” on Spotify.

13. Favorite book ever written/what book?


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