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It’s not exactly like it is in the movies – they’re not in the background, they’re all over the floor,” he says.

“It doesn’t need to be, you know? It goes without saying that people are always making money from cartoons,” he adds.

“And I think [people like] drawing them. You look at any cartoon of a young girl doing what she does,” he says. “It could be the most boring thing in the world, but if you look at that as some kind of inspiration you’ll draw it to perfection.”

Bubble Gum and other bubblegum-based gummies have long since been shown to contain high levels of calories — something that wasn’t the case in the past. But, thanks to research conducted in Norway, a recent study in Science Advances looks to the future and suggests we’ll continue to see many more gummy-based products.

The team from the University of Oslo conducted in vitro experiments to look at how well different types of bubblegum will absorb the sugar in other gummies. After all gummies are made using different gels that are filled with sweeteners and nutrients, it was expected that different gums would absorb slightly different amounts of nutrients.

Using different gelatin types as guinea pigs was helpful in the study, and gave the researchers a much clearer idea on how different bubblegum brands and gels would respond to different amounts of sugar.

It turns out that bubblegum-based gummies don’t affect the effectiveness of other types of gummies, and that can be a big deal for food manufacturers because so much of their industry is dependent on the sale of these types of products.

Researchers from the University of Oslo recently published a study that explores the effect of gum on gummy-based gummies in the Journal of Food Processing Technologies and Food Nutrition, and they say the study is the first to document bubblegum’s ability to absorb sugar.

To help break down the complex world of gummy products, Food Republic has mapped out some of the most popular bubblegum brands. It includes a few different brands and types, but you’ll find them all here. If you’re in the market for some gummies but don’t know what you’d want to buy, you can check out our guide to the top 100 bubblegum brands.

A few weeks ago I started my year-long quest to “find a piece of work that isn’t just a photo.”

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