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And should we all ditch our old mechanical pencils?

No question that the pencil is the most important tool in a modern writer’s tool box, and I’m not the first person to raise the issue recently, but I want to talk about that in terms of the relationship between an artist and editor, with a particular focus on the role they play in the story.

If you’re not familiar with how story is designed, I’ll give you a quick overview. Typically, stories are told by an artist who describes them. A story has three parts: design, composition, and story. Let’s talk about both those three parts. Design is about how the story is presented in the story itself. The story is the story of an artist making a drawing of some idea. The piece that is presented as drawing is called the illustration. The story of creating the illustration is called story.

Composition is just that. The composition is how the piece is presented to the reader. Let’s see two examples of the two:

1. A story might use a piece of artwork by an artist that describes a story, and the piece is a series of pictures. In the first one, you’ve got a person standing in a painting by an artist. Next to the picture are two people who want to understand what the painting is telling. That piece also has structure as in the story, like a beginning and a mid-point. It is designed, and when a reader follows the story, he will start to pick up some of the things he’s being told. But there’s also structure to this. If the reader follows the tale from beginning to end, he will find it to be a story.

2. The other thing that I want to talk about is story. Now, I think both these pieces are beautiful in their own way. But I also think that some stories are better when you don’t read the story that the artist had in his head, because that means he isn’t able to draw things for you that he has in his head. That’s another thing that I want to touch on today. It can also be a problem when we decide the story that will take our artists to create, like when the writer has a story in his head that will lead into an art piece and then we decide, “No more story! We just have art.”

The problem here isn’t that we are disjointed on how stories are handled, but that there are other factors at play. One

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