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It’s a very fine, black nib. I actually had a “small” nib. It’s the most common pencil I use and it seems to be very accurate. It’s the ideal size for writing on paper with very light color and it’s very smooth to the touch. It takes a lot of pressure to write with as far as it will go though. It’s also a solid pencil. For long periods of time, it’s not the smoothest. But when you want to show off, it’s a wonderful pencil. I’ve had it longer than I’d cared for the material itself with just a couple of years of everyday use and I find it to be the perfect all-around pencil.

Rated 5 out of 5 by Chris from Excellent All Purpose Line I would highly recommend this pencil for any person that writes very quickly, does a lot of short writing and doesn’t necessarily need a more sturdy or thicker pencil. This pencil is very smooth, easy to write with, and very comfortable.

Rated 5 out of 5 by TK1214 from A wonderful all purpose pencil. This is a very fine pencil. I usually don’t like the thicker “tougher” pencils because they don’t stand up to longer writing times. With this one, the lines are very fine and the writing is quick and efficient, and I do think I will end up using the pencil and its larger size again!

Rated 1 out of 5 by JohnC from I used this pencil for a week straight, but I had a bad ink leak in the nib. It was the worst ink leak I’ve ever had in my 50 years of experience, and it’s all down to the pencil. I can’t buy a “proper” replacement for the pencil. I will not buy this pencil again and will always use a non-Nibox ink refill instead. If you’re looking for a reliable and very fine pencil, spend the extra. You won’t regret it, or the other 100+ reviewers who’ve gone this route.

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