Is there a number 1 pencil? – Free Charcoal Drawing Lessons

I don’t think there is, no. I think you’ll see a number 10 pencil come out in about a month, but a number 1 pencil I think is probably on the way out.

What are some pencils you like?

All of the pencils I own, except the pencils I have pencils for are the pencils that I own. The pencils I’ve gotten lately are for a friend of mine…He has the only pencil set that exists in the USA and it’s called the “Lincoln Log.” They give him these pretty beautiful black pencils–that are just so great.

What kind of pencils are in your collection and where do they come from?

They’re all from Japan. A friend of mine made them a few years ago after he was in Japan.

Do you use them?

I use them a lot, actually. I usually use them in place of a regular grade 11 pencil.

Do you use a variety of pencils?


I saw the “Lincoln Log” pencil.

What kind of pencils do you use? I just want to know: what pencils do you normally throw away?

I’ll use a pencil for a while before I throw it away; I’ll make a pencil out of the tip of that tip…It’s a very sharp pencil, and it’s very well made and sharp.

What’s your favorite pencil?

The pencil that I threw away when it started to rust away because it was in an older pencil box –that’s the one and the only “Lincoln Log.”

What have other famous designers done with Japanese pencils, if you must know?

They’ve all used them. For instance, John’s wife, Mary-Louise Wright, she used the same kind of pencil on a lot of her designs and also a variety of other characters that I believe she did for the Beatles and other music things.

Does she still use them?

Yes, she does.

Do you use other artists as reference for your designs?

I believe so, and I’ve never known anybody else to use pencils other than Japanese pencils. The only person I found when I made things at home was somebody I’d met years before when I was doing a lot of woodwork…He was a contractor; he was an architect-engineer and he made me a very nice

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