Is there a number 1 pencil? – Pencil Drawings Easy Pics

I haven’t seen one. I don’t know who makes them, or they don’t make them for the US. It’s a big company. I hope it’s not some Chinese company, because they might make the same mistakes they made on the pens.

What made the biggest impact on you personally?

I liked the fact that it’s a little smaller, it doesn’t feel that big when you’re holding it in your hand. It’s much more comfortable. I like that there’s a little extra material on the rubber for extra grip. And they make a nice weight to it as well. I like the fact that it feels better to write with than the B&F one, so there’s that.

What is one thing you hate about writing with?

I hate that when I’m using it, it feels like you’re holding a little piece of a plastic, and that’s hard to live with. Because it’s so small, there’s so much pressure, it’s a bit uncomfortable.

What is your favorite part of your pen?

The nib. It has so much grip. And it’s so smooth.

You’ve been known to experiment with pens, and have a huge collection of pen friends. What is your favorite ink for writing?

I don’t know a lot of fountain pen ink. I’ve never found an outstanding fountain pen ink. I like them all, though. I like the one I bought at Walmart, it’s a black ink, dark grey, matte black, and it’s very good. I liked that ink so much, I bought another as well, just because.

What’s your favorite brush to use?

When I’m doing this pen, I always use a cheap brush. I’ve found it to be pretty good for writing, but I’ve found that when I get into larger pieces, or I’m going to write an essay, I like my brushes with my pens, because they’re the least amount of pressure you need to apply them.

What is your favorite marker or tip tip?

That would have to be a pen with a clip, because the tip or cartridge tip I don’t have. It would cost a lot of money, but they’re really hard to come by, and I don’t want to have to buy another, so I keep them in a pack of five. I don’t have a lot of pens that don’t have a clip, but a lot of pens do

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