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Well, we know that it is the greatest number in the universe,” he quipped, adding: “Is there a 1 with 100 diamonds in it? Well there are. [Laughs] Then there’s a really special 1.” [4] According to the DVD commentary, this is a reference to the number of diamonds in the United States treasury, which is 100.

So as we learn from some of the other interviews, the writers had decided that the pilot should focus on Captain Kirk’s and Captain Picard’s relationship, in addition to the other topics of the two Trek series that he had discussed in his interview in The Official Star Trek: The Next Generation Magazine issue 13. The writers also made it clear that they felt that Spock and Sulu should be one, but didn’t want to write a show with only Kirk and Spock. The writers also wanted to address the issue of the Vulcan being the “master of ceremonies” at the wedding rather than the ambassador. [5] [6] In fact, they gave a nod to this theory by having “the first Vulcan ambassador” be a hologram, and the second be a woman. The show’s writers also did not like the idea of Sulu using a holographic camera, so Sulu was actually wearing a real camera, not another device. The writers saw this as “a fun surprise that came out of nowhere”. [7]

Production Edit

In May 1979, the Enterprise-D set was photographed in order to allow actor David Prowse to have a more realistic recreation of his “warp skin”. (Star Trek: The Next Generation Companion)

The series’ second draft script for “The Drumhead” refers to the Captain’s chair as “Captain Kastro’s Chair”. [8]

In a reference that is dated 23 February 1979, an early draft of the pilot script states that there are two identical windows in the captain’s chair where Captain Kirk can look out one at a time. However, with the production running overtime in June 1979, this was not completed due to schedule conflicts, making the line of sight to two windows a redundant element from the first draft.

Despite the initial script revisions for the first few seasons, the original title for “The Drumhead” was changed to “Unimatrix Zero-One”, a reference to the television series series, which was first introduced on 24 February 1966.

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A series of “songs” by the band KISS was

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