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Drawing styles are defined in many different ways by different artists of different skill levels, so there is considerable variation that you should be aware of when selecting your own.

In this tutorial, I will define three of the most commonly used styles of drawing. These will be known as “dynamic”, “realistic”, and “standard”, depending on how each individual artist approaches the art style.

Dynamic Drawing Styles

We can start by defining certain styles of drawing as dynamic. For example, you’ll see a lot of stylistic variations with the dynamic style. This is because, when you do the same thing over and over—drawing from start to finish in one line—your style will begin to become “fixed”, i.e., the same style. But the more you draw (and add additional details), the better your style develops.

The best way to learn about dynamic styles is to watch them being used in the video, but here are some examples from the video:

In the first example, we have a simple and flat, but stylized drawing. The second (the best drawing) is a drawing of a character who is very well sketched and very expressive in the drawing technique. Finally, the third (the worst drawing) has a poor drawing technique! The last thing in the video is a drawing of a character that is very flat and with low detail. The next two drawings also demonstrate the different styles. Click to see an enlargement of the first example, above.

Realistic Drawing Styles

Realistic style works by drawing in a very specific style, but with the intention of making the drawing more realistic than any other drawing style.

The best way to learn about realistic style is the video on realistic style, which starts with several examples that are stylistically similar. They all show a common style, so you can learn to draw that style and then move onto the next one. Here are some examples of realistic style from the video:

The second most common realistic-style drawing style is the “classic” drawing style. This is a very recognizable style, and you can clearly see how well the artist “read” the style, taking notes of the details.

The same video from the other direction shows another (different) realistic drawing style. This style is known as the “dynamic” style, a style that is used in a very different way from the classic style. One example from the video shows what the author of this drawing style would call

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