What are the drawing techniques? – Easy Pencil Drawing Tutorials For Beginners

One drawing method is the “spikey hand”. This technique uses a vertical line which makes a “spikey” impression in the skin, as the blood flows towards the edge of the line. The trick to using this technique is to use a sharp “tiger nose” pencil rather than a plain or regular point pen on the surface of the face; rather than leaving a long trail on the surface that makes the face look “slick” or “dreary”, you want to leave a thin, irregular arc in the surface which makes the blood stick to the skin, but not actually run on it. When drawing your face, you don’t want the blood to run on the whole of the face. Rather, you want it to just run on the edges of areas where the eye or the nose are.

“Spikey hand” is an interesting little technique which is actually a fairly simple one.

It’s a series of pencil strokes which are repeated quickly and repeatedly, moving in an “x” shape around the eye, nose, and eyelid. The idea is to create small “voids” where blood could easily get splattered, but leave a thin line of it in between.

The drawing technique used for an eye, nose, and eyelid is a series of thin, triangular lines which form an “x” with the eye, and a series of thin lines that form “y”s with the nose. I use a wide “x” or “y” line (sometimes I draw the nose wider) which cuts out all the lines in the skin as it goes along with the “x”s between the eyeball and the line which cuts into the nose.

The trick is to draw your “x” or “y” line in small, irregular places to make a “spikey” effect in the skin. This is usually done with the “spikey hand” technique.

My method can work in other angles as well. I draw the line “x” with the head, as the head is very important. Then the line “y” is drawn towards the eye and the face is done.

The drawings have a little twist which makes them look different. If you make the eyes wide, and if you make the nostrils or lip line “jumpy”, the nose and eyelids look less stiff and “tangled”, and the lines appear to be “tucked up” behind the skin. This effect can also be

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