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The basic tools used are pencil, marker, and eraser for pen is a big part of it. There are so many different ways to draw that everyone finds it exciting and unique.

Are there any artists that I should follow for my art style?

As of right now, I’m watching the same artists I’ve heard so much about, so I don’t know if anything will catch my eye! Maybe an unknown indie artist. You never know.

I’m a visual learner and sometimes I’m afraid of drawing and want to learn the skills but also avoid making mistakes. Any tips for beginners?

It is very important to get out with a pencil/ink, and practice drawing at a very slow pace. Also practice different drawing styles. If you do it too many times, you’ll start thinking of the same things to do instead of doing them individually. Also it is important for you to do drawing as often as possible, even if just for studying what you’re doing. Don’t worry about drawing a lot, just the basic fundamentals and then some. And practice drawing well even at the best of your skills. Practice drawing well in a variety of styles. And practice when it is good to see your progress. You don’t have a good enough drawing skill even if you have perfect technique and everything comes together with no faults.

My dad and I were hanging out when I got a drawing request in my inbox about a little dragon on a box. It was perfect and it made me smile, I felt proud of having created something.

It says ‘The Little Dragon On A Box’, is that what you draw?

That is my dad’s name, and we’re very happy he can make my drawings look so beautiful!

Are you good at drawing dragons and other such weird/awesome creatures?

No, I’m not.

What are your hobbies?

I’m an avid photographer and also play various instruments. I don’t play most instruments at the moment though as I’m too young to really understand them.

If I had to design a character in the comic book world, what would they be?

I like to draw superheroes.

Who would not be proud to draw a character like you?

Well, that’s hard. I guess in some ways.

What was that moment when you stopped being afraid and fell in love with your drawing?
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When I had a free moment to do something

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