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One of the main questions you may want to answer is how you go about drawing a portrait and then, to use the illustration above, how you go about drawing a portrait of me? There are three main ways of drawing a portrait. If you are drawing from memory, these are the methods I would consider (not necessarily correct); you can pick whatever methods work for you, or you can use different options.

The first method, using pencil and airbrush in an open book, is one of the easiest and also produces great results. I will use the technique below with the pencil drawing. I will have no problem with a few blurs but you will want to be sure the edges are straight before painting.

The second method in which I have used is using a stencil to draw the entire shape of the portrait, just a few strokes, before I use pencil to draw the actual image.

The last and most used method of sketching is using paint.

What materials do you have?

One of the things I have found in my search for materials is that there are very few choices. This is because there are few places that sell professional materials for sketching, in my opinion, unless you are just an amateur artist. I bought two types of paints from Home Depot. A small clear black paint will go in a paintbrush, and a white paint will go in a spray paint gun. I used a regular paintbrush to fill in the lines on the left side of the portrait. I filled in the background while painting using spray paint instead.

I used the black clear for the shadows that would fall behind the face. It is very effective, and takes a small amount of pressure from me, to fill in the shadows. I used the normal black paint for the shadow area which was more consistent throughout the picture.

Using the spray paint I used it to fill in the lines that should have been on a brush but went straight down or onto the brush. I used the spray paint to fill in the darker shadows and areas of the picture.

These paints were also available in a lighter gray. I used that paint instead because it was more flexible. I also used white, rather than using the paint to fill in the background, because I wanted to have an outline of the portrait at a low angle. It made the face appear more real.

Pencil Shading Egg Exercise
How do I get the right type of stroke?

I find that if you begin with the pencil or air

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