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In the sketching, it’s important to note that we draw on the inside edges of the sheet. This makes the finished piece much harder to erase. Therefore it’s important to leave a little space or mark where we want to start and finish the sketch. It’s best to have several sheets.

In my example, I marked with my pencil the part I want to add. With the right tool it’s possible to make an impression on the entire sheet. As the sketch starts, I also mark an area that I want to sketch.

What can I do when drawing?

What I can do when drawing is to follow the guideline lines (Figure 3). This way, a sheet of paper is automatically transformed into a sketch, and the finished piece will become clearer.

When a block of paper is placed at right place, you are drawing your first sketch. As soon as you draw the outline, stop again and take time to create a final impression.

You can make as many sketches as you want. When you’re happy with your drawing, you decide to move on and work on the next sketch, or you can go back to that area and do it again. You can do this anytime, even after a sketch has been done several times.

After making many sketches, you are ready to take your work to a professional studio. It is a great way to learn new techniques and work on your pencil skills.

Are there any special tools that help a drawing process?

One way you can help a drawing is by bringing more light into it and using more of your pencil. This will help you see how your strokes look and to make your strokes look better.

Another way to help a drawing process is by removing unnecessary strokes and adding some fresh strokes.

Sometimes when you have drawn something, especially on the inside of a sheet, you might have made a mistake in the placement of the stroke, or in the drawing itself. What can you do?

If you have made a mistake in your drawing, it becomes your responsibility to correct it. This is how our brains do it to make mistakes.

You can do this by simply drawing more and more in one area, or by drawing a new character. However, you must always keep it in mind that this will not affect the finished drawing.

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You can choose to draw on the surface, but that won’t work either. It won’t look too good either. You have to go

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