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To help you quickly see what happens when I push my pencil through. 1, I press my pencil into the pad. 2, I push my pencil all the way to the other side. The 2 sides are connected by a cable that goes between both sides. When you push, your pencil comes to the pad, but it goes through at least 2 loops of rubber on a rubber mat for the next step.

You can have a pencil with your regular ruler and an HB ruler.

Your rubber rubber mat is the hole you end up in whenever you’re going at an angle, so it will usually make a good reference point. I would recommend the one on the back of your pencil in this case.

Make sure you have all of your pencils ready for this before you cut. I would say 20-30 should be enough for you.

If this is your first time putting HB/HB pencils together then I would probably just skip this portion because it’s not as complicated as it seems.

The rubber mat is very smooth, but you still have to make sure that all the loop connections are done.

First I would start with the middle loop connection.

To make the next loop start in the corner on the side, then move along the same line over and over again.

It’s important not to put too much pressure into each step, but I’d recommend starting with the middle loop connection because that’s where you have the most access and you can also see where the other loops go.

Use a sharp scissors to cut each loop of rubber into 1-inch segments that go through the rubber mat.

Once you’ve cut all the rubber off I’d recommend sanding the mat to remove any leftover bumps and marks.

At this point you might want to make 2 copies of the 3 pieces, one in the middle of the rubber mat and one that’s on the other side of the rubber mat. Just a little “taping” so that the two mat side pieces don’t move around each other.

So here you go:

First cut the rubber out of the middle section of the rubber mat. Then you can remove the loops on the other side of the rubber mat.

Next, take the rubber mat from right where it’s facing you and fold it over to the other side. Make sure you don’t make any cuts around the rubber and you’re ready to put the HB/HB pencils together.


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