What does 2b pencil mean? – Colour Pencil Drawing Pictures Of Flowers

This is also a reference to what is called “3b” pencil. This pencil has no sharp edge. Instead, it has a thin paper or wafer on the end that sticks, very slowly, to the pencil eraser, allowing your pencil to glide along the edge.

2B pencils are very popular because you can easily remove them if you get angry or upset – they are perfect for marking down your name and other important things in a very professional way when you need to send it out. If you’re a little younger, it can be fun to draw a name or initials on a paper, put it on your favorite pencil and send it to school!

Boris Johnson, who resigned as London mayor last month, is expected to be named as David Cameron’s successor as prime minister before the end of the year.

Cameron, 62, who has not given any thought to who would succeed him in No10 this autumn, has held two televised leadership debates this year and is expected to win the battle of confidence when he meets business leaders next month.

His supporters believe he can win the next round of voting while he leads the Conservative party and is widely tipped to make a second term his final one in office. But his team is still considering a bid for the leadership which he is thought less likely to put forward given that the Conservative leader, no longer eligible to stand alone, will be on the ballot paper next year.

Johnson, 66, is tipped to win the Conservative leadership but has never held the top job before, though he was mayor of London for two years before losing to George Osborne in 1992. He is now a columnist with the London Evening Standard and author of several books, from which this week’s City AM special edition is based. In a speech last Friday, he defended Cameron over his £2bn spending budget.

In a letter to the editor of City AM, Johnson said, “The decision we have made over the last 22 years to build London – the biggest economic miracle Britain has ever seen – was, to some extent, due to the courage and judgement of the Conservatives,” and accused Labour of wanting to “take back control again”.

Johnson said he would not be able to accept being a “burden” on the government and claimed that the coalition government, led by Cameron, was doing things that made the UK poorer. “It will not be sufficient to tell the British people that they must live with the consequences of this unfair spending and borrowing.

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