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2b pencil is one of the simplest ways you’re able to use colored pencils. This is why I wanted to make a pencils to include two colors.

To this end, I thought it would be very easy for you to put a white and black color on a piece of regular pencil. The result, I believe, would be two colors, or more, for a small price of $2.25.

It’s easy to put pencil on 2b. The only thing is you need to do is stick the white tip of the pencil on the white hole on another sheet of white paper. Here, put a white marker and pencil tip in the two holes and let your imagination go wild!

If you’re not a regular penciler (and you should be), I suggest you look up a 2b pencil to give you some ideas here on how to use it.

Also, make sure you buy the smallest size you can afford. I’ve made all kinds of pencils for a number of pencil sizes, ranging from 0.01mm to 0.15mm. You’ll find that the smallest you can get away with is 0.4 mm. That means a 0.4 mm size is about the size you need for this pencil for a beginner or an intermediate pencil.
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How do I use it? It’s super easy.

The pencil comes with a small cap which is the best way to stick it.

Step 1. Using an old pencil or the plastic cap, draw a line and lay it down on the paper. Make sure you leave enough space because if you make a mistake, you can pull loose of the line making it impossible to draw anything, leaving lots of white space.

Step 2. Now it’s time to put the paper face down. With the tip of the pencil, dip it under the hole in the paper.

Step 3. You can leave the pencil on the paper for as long as you need, or just let it come to an end with one more drop of ink.

Step 4. This is the last step. Place the end of the pencil under the white paper you’re drawing to see if it sticks. If it doesn’t stick, you’re ready to make another.

And now you have an awesome piece of drawing paper that’s easier to use than a regular pencil. In a minute, you got yourself a pencil that you can use for just about anything.

If you have a pencil

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