What is a 2b pencil for? – Pencil Rendering Pros And Cons

This is one of those things I was never really sure about until I saw it! This is a pencil set made from old-fashioned 2b paper. That means you can make any shape you like and have it hold pencil in one hand and write on paper a minute later with the other hand.

A big difference from other pencils, 2b paper makes it much easier to hold the pencil.

This pencil set is very affordable, for $13.99, I think it beats the price by about $5.00 a pencil.

Now that I have this set, every time I have a pen I grab the 2b pencil instead of my expensive pen and never look back.

The 2b pencil set is perfect for using 2b pencils as the same size as an actual 2b pencil is very fine to hold. For example, if you write at 7 mm on a 2b pencil, you’ll be able to write all around the area.

If you want to use a pencil with even finer points then you can get bigger pencils with thicker pages on the end. The 2b pencils are perfect even at this point in your writing.

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