What is a pencil drawing called? – Pencil Drawing Definition

The answer is “A pencil drawing”. However, a pencil drawing can be called several things. It can also be called a sketch, or a sketchbook full of pencil drawings.
A pencil drawing is not a drawing.
The word pencil is an important and powerful word. The word ‘pencil’ is from Latin. It means ‘point’ and it is a very important part of communication. It is a very important part of the writing equipment.

In any art, the pencil is most commonly called a pencil and in art design, it is most prominently called an artist’s medium for ‘dissolving’, or painting.
In pencils we see a number of different lines. We have the outline line and we have the path of the line. The path is like a path, with the path being drawn across and intersecting the form as we draw. We call those lines as the ‘path’ or the ‘line’. We call the line a ‘stroke’. We call the stroke a ‘line’.
In art design, we see a lot of forms. Many forms and they are very good. Some forms in art do not come from any form. They appear as a completely different form and we call them ‘forms’ or ‘form-type’ in our art design.
The line in pencil drawings also has a number or range of sizes. There can be one size, or two sizes, or a very large widths of a line that is only a line. This range or size is called the ‘range/width’.
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Most of the forms in art in pencils are very small forms, but not always. We call such a form a ‘point’.
In this tutorial, there will be several examples to show you how some forms can be done in pencil. But you must understand there are also other types of forms that can be done with different strokes. Sometimes it’s not a ‘pencil’ or a ‘line’ but a ‘stroke’ that you can do with pencil.
Sometimes a line can be drawn without a path or a stroke. And we call that a ‘point’ in our art design. It is a point that could only be seen with a pencil. We call that ‘point’ a ‘figure’.
A diagram and drawings are in pencil. However, there are other types of drawings, and there are some drawing techniques that are not in pencil drawing. We call them ‘drawing tools’ or not in our art design.
For example, we draw

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