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It is a thin sheet of paper that is made up of thousands and thousands of little tiny hollows. These little hollows are so small, they are hard to see or measure or identify…and to keep the same shape forever, which is what makes the pencil so amazing.

In fact, a pencil can change shape a few times with each pass you write. So if you see a pencil and you don’t know who made it…you are very lucky.

Why does a pencil change shape with each use? So in order to make each one look exactly the same, the pencil will be made out of a combination of different hollows or “skins”. Each one will have many smaller hollows or skins that have been fused together to make the same shape so it would be hard to tell the difference of them.

The key to making the right pencil is knowing how to differentiate between what goes into every pencil you use (and the pencil you make)! Below are examples of how different a pen, pencil, and ballpoint pen might have different layers with no one “skin” being the same size or shape.

The following image is of a very common pen shape that is commonly found on books and writing instruments all over the world:

This pen has one “skin” that is very similar to the first and last skin on the pencil above.

This pencil has 1+3 hollows in it, where most of them are the same size and shape.

What About Pencils in Another Shape?

If you find a pencil in a shape other than the one above (or in a different shape altogether) and you have not yet tried to differentiate between the different layers of those different hollows, it is best to call somebody at the pencil shop and ask them. The person, preferably female, can probably help determine the color and shape of the “skin” in that design because many colors have different thicknesses and shapes! A person can actually tell you a lot about these small inner layers of the pencil by looking at the different pencil hollows in the designs used for writing on things like diplomas and school badges.

Other Kinds of Pencils

Pencils can also be made of other types of metal, acrylics, ceramic, silicon, etc. But since this is another topic about which the pencil company I work for has no particular knowledge, I will leave that to experts.

What I have always learned with pencils is always

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