What is basic drawing?

The first thing that you need to learn in the traditional drawing class is basic drawing. You will make a drawing based on your concept. You will have to work with what you already know. So, what is the first thing that you learn and how do you learn it?
Step 1 . First of all ask yourself, “What can I see”
When you ask yourself that question, you will find that you need to start thinking of your subject in terms of a whole. You have to understand that drawing is a piece of art, something not so easy to see without the help of pictures. How will you start thinking about your subject? Start by thinking first of what things look like?
Step 2 . Start your way up the ladder
First thing that you will do is to start looking for your first image. Then, you will pick an image of your subject that is more or less a part of your story. You will use this as a guide when you would come back to your drawing and begin working on your own images. You will use this as a key to bring up your own subject and to bring up your own idea.
Step 3 . Once you have a start, look at it from the inside out
You can continue on with what you started with to create as your first image. Just like you were looking at the first thing you saw and then looked again to see what was on it. Just like that you go from seeing what was on the object to seeing what it should look like.
Step 4 . Take a step back and see what it looks like from the inside out
When you come to your final images, you have seen your first images from every angle. You have seen your first drawing without the help of pictures. Even though there are no pictures, all you need to do is draw with your ideas and then try to bring them to life by using what you have learned.
One last note:
Step 5 of the drawing class is where the real fun is. Step 5 is more of a test of your imagination and your ability to put those ideas into shape. It is when you have found the best path for your illustration that we get into more difficult subject matter. This step includes drawing in real life situations as well, and you will need experience to be able to do that well if you already have experience in that field.
You will have an idea as to what your subject should look like, just as you would imagine if you were the one looking at the painting that you