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If we want drawings we can draw. When do we need to draw? If the time limit is over, we draw.

Now we are going to talk about the different methods of drawing.

Method 1: Drawing in Blender

Blender is a free 3D application software. It’s like Maya but for 3D, it is much easier to use because of which you can make 3D objects and effects at will while adding depth and complexity to 3D objects, which is really not possible in Maya; for example objects in 3D game like objects with shadows and so forth. When you use Blender you can draw using a mouse or your right mouse button and a button for drawing in all the brushes in a 3D environment. A lot of 3D artists use Blender because of the ease and ease of use which is very useful. One problem with the software is that the free versions are very hard to do professional work and you need to pay for higher quality versions like a Pro Edition which are available on Amazon. So now let’s discuss the two basic methods to drawing in Blender.

To draw a 2D drawing you have to place the brush on object in the 2D view and then move on the object’s side with the mouse, this method is the least difficult, but has to be done a lot of times with the default brushes. The second method is called “blend” and it involves moving all the objects, or the brush, using only one mouse button. It’s very useful for making objects and effects look really organic and more natural by adding complexity or depth to the objects which normally would not be possible in the default 3D software.

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Blend Method 1:

To illustrate this method of Blender we will make lots of objects with lots of different styles and colors. In the second technique, you will make several colors or materials for all objects and you will adjust the colors, materials, shadows and so forth based directly on the needs of the project and the color in mind. If the project needs high quality but low costs, this method will be the fastest and easiest way to draw in Blender.

To start you have to draw a “background” which is usually a cube or flat area in the 2D view. For this you have to first select a color, and for example, choose pink for the object in the background. Now select the “background” tool by a mouse button and then select the object, which we will call objectB

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