What is basic drawing? – Still Life Pencil Drawing Images

Let’s start by identifying the different stages you go through when drawing. It’ll be important to understand the different parts of drawing and how each part applies to the design.

Basic Drawing A is the basic part of every drawing, which is where we start with our pencil.

Is the shape of the object being drawn in your mind, or are the lines that guide your hand?

There may be some confusion about what constitutes a “shape.” The shape of a car is not a car, but in the context of drawing it will be important.

Does the shape form within the design?

While there may be some drawing happening in your own head, not all is the same as there is. There are also shapes in the design that were not included in the drawing. Most importantly, we are drawing within the constraints of the space we are drawing with. For instance, the design of the car may require the car to be narrow or broad.

Is there depth to how you draw the design?
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Depth should be a primary consideration when drawing, and depth is measured in terms of its perceived size. While the details of a piece may be in your mind, the design in your mind may vary the size of the car itself.

Should the shape have some form?

As discussed in #3, forms can be important elements in drawing. One important thing to remember when drawing is that lines are important. If the design doesn’t have any distinct forms then your eyes and brain will naturally draw over the space you are working in and focus on the details of it.

Does the design have depth to it, and is it smooth?

The way you shape shapes allows them to interact. The shape should never become rigid.

You see lines that intersected within the design; is the shape smooth as that happens?

The definition of a “smooth” shape is one that can be easily drawn over without forming sharp edges. Think about a sheet of paper, whether it’s an old notebook or a new glossy printer. This shape is often smooth to the point of being tacky if drawn over.

Let’s step back and look at how each part of the design may look on its own, but what it can contribute to the overall design.

The final look of the car in a picture, whether it’s the model or the interior.

What is the overall effect of the design?

It is important to look

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