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If you want to write a simple script, or learn some advanced stuff, to get up and running fast in no time, it’s hard to beat basic sketching. If not for basic, it’s probably because you’re too scared to start sketching.

There’s no real shame in not starting sketching at 5 years old. Sketching is hard, but there are ways to get out of a situation. If you know how to do it, start simple.

To keep going, we need to break down sketching into a few things. We’ll discuss all of these in more detail in later parts of this book.

Note that this is not something new. Kids started sketching about 5 years ago. They learned a lot about lines, form and expression. Now they’re able to convey those ideas in a simple way. That’s awesome.

However, these days sketching takes a lot longer than it used to or can be expected to take. If you’re not sure where your starting point is, check out our Basic Sketching Checklist to get started now.

The Basics of Basic Sketching

The first thing to understand is that if you want the best results you have to try sketching as much or as little as possible on your own. Don’t try sketching in silence; it’s a waste of time. If someone is asking you to sketch, tell him that you’ll sketch and then he can ask other questions. It’s not a crime to talk to a stranger about sketching. And don’t say you’ll sketch only during school hours or late at night.

If you’re on vacation, if you’re traveling, or if you’re on vacation and can’t help but sketch, ask an art teacher to sketch for you. Even if they don’t have anything you want or want to draw, they can draw whatever you want and then talk it over with you.

When you’re on public transportation (especially in bus or train) sketch in cars—usually, not at a subway or train stop, but somewhere. When you walk by an art classroom or in a museum, sketch in an art gallery.

Most sketching is done in places where you are likely to see or work. Not on private property. Keep in mind many sketch stations have free or cheap parking. Even parking stations have free signs or even free tokens. That’s why it’s a good idea to ask a passer-by or a museum visitor to draw a sketch

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