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This is one of the most useful exercises we’ve discovered to work on our sketching skills to come. You can quickly get a rough idea of what you may be designing if you take these three simple steps: sketch out the object you need and figure out what type of sketching you may want to do with it.

Let’s say you have an art class project: you need to get an animal that looks as big as possible to the drawing board. You need to work with materials you have as well as the sketching tool of your choice. However, before you decide what to do with it, it’s a good idea to sketch this animal in 3D first. There is even a great app, Sketchbook, that helps you in that process.

To learn the process, we highly recommend you to visit our tutorial on Basic Sketching.

First step: Sketch out the object you need to get

So, what are you sketching out first for this animal? Maybe it’s the neck or the body. If its form becomes part of this design, go ahead with sketching. There is only one rule in sketching: you are not allowed to change the design just because you’ve got a better idea.

There should be two elements that have to be covered: the shape and the design itself. However, it does help to go through the sketch for what a design looks like in 3D.

Here you can make the best of a rough sketch by sketching out a simple three-dimensional object for yourself and see how it’s supposed to look like. You can then go ahead and decide which elements you need sketch out first and work with both in your designs.

After you have a sketch of the idea, you should make a plan of what you want to do with it to make it look a little bit like what you just sketched out.

What type of sketching you should do with your drawing

For this part, you can learn from our 3D art tutorials. If they help you to improve your 3D drawing skills, great, if not, there are also other resources for you to explore here.

For beginner sketching, you should sketch out the object you want to make in 3D and sketch out the shape that it should have. Then you can work with the tool you’ve got to see it as closely as possible and finally start to work with the actual drawing itself.

When we say shape, we

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