What is basic sketching? – Pencil Drawings Step By Step

It’s simply a tool for drawing on the board, which you can then rotate or flip through the images. When you click and drag, the image is moved to the location you’ve marked.

How does it work?

You can drag and rotate your images. It’s very quick and intuitive!

What’s the benefit?

If you like to experiment with different materials (scissors, charcoal, etc) or sketch quickly without having to deal with an iPad, SketchTool is the perfect solution for you.

Does it have a price?

Yes, the SketchTool is fully featured.

The iPad version

Why Kickstarter?

We’re going to release the SketchTool on an open platform, giving everyone access to the tool to make modifications and changes without having to download or pay anything. This would increase the userbase, increase our visibility, and allow us to be a little bit quicker or cheaper at releasing a new version.

We have a plan to go after this goal from a long-term perspective – every stretch goal will help push the product forward even further and we need your help to get there.

Why do the rewards sound so cool?

We’ve taken an entire year of product research and testing to make sure the SketchTool can bring your design to life. We’ve used every piece of material out there – all of which have been tested extensively and given their feedback.

We’ve done our very best to make sure SketchTool is both stable, ergonomic, user friendly, and will be the best tool for your sketches.

What is included with your order?

You will receive a SketchTool along with the rest of the rewards.

What will my SketchTool cost?

It’s the best way to make your sketches into beautiful, dynamic masterpieces.

I received two boxes in one day (not counting the other two from my secret santa), a t-shirt and a coffee mug with coffee brewing instructions. The t-shirt is a very cute design of a bear mug, and the coffee mug has a very nice green design as well. I’ll probably use that as an accent on my desk. But the coffee mug really makes my day! It will be perfect when I’m making a cup of tea with this mug which is so far off base.

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