What is difference between drawing and sketching? – Colored Pencil Drawings Landscapes & People First

And what is a professional artist doing? Are there different styles? Well, here in this post I am going to explain it all in one blog post. I will show you the best practice of “How to Draw” and share my tips, tricks and techniques, which you can apply to your art career.

In my opinion, it is a very common misconception that art must be “perfect” for drawing. It’s totally wrong. There are always errors. You can still become a good artist while keeping it imperfect. You don’t have to make your drawings look perfect. We as a society have learned to look at other artists and judge by how much they draw their subjects. But when we start on our own, it’s not so. We have many skills and the best part is that we get to explore them with our own hands.

There are several different ways to draw. Some call it drawing:

1. Painting in pencil,

2. Drawing in pencil and graphite,

3. Drawing in marker,

4. Drawing in wet-on-wet (see below),

5. Drawing in colored pencils and wet-on-wet (see below).

Most artists are influenced mostly by painting. But for some we don’t know what to do, we are unsure of our own style. So we call it drawing, but we never know how to use our art techniques and we have a huge challenge to learn. We need to practice our own art.

This tutorial will show you what you have to do to become a professional drawing artist and what are the most common drawing errors. After that we will take you through a practical drawing lessons on how to learn drawing techniques. You will learn how to:

Draw with your imagination

Know your limitations

Have an eye for colors and shape

Doodle with your fingers

Draw shapes in the air

Draw in air while moving your hand

A lot of drawing mistakes will happen in art. You are not a genius. You don’t know some new techniques you haven’t seen until now. You get bored by it. But in the end, we are all born with the ability of drawing something that we see, or that comes to our mind. But when someone tries to practice art, it becomes an ongoing work. That’s why most of the time we have to sit down and draw for a long time and it will help to learn.


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