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The graphite is a metal that will stick to almost anything it touches such as paper, carpet, metal sheets, and even hair. It can also be used as a replacement for pencils and erasers. Even non-metallic substances can bond with graphite to form an adhesive. Like all metals, graphite is difficult to remove once it is formed.

How does graphite pencils look like?

Once graphite has formed, it is difficult to remove. However, the graphite can be removed by heating or soaking the pencil in a high-temperature solution, such as hot water, vinegar, soda or ammonia. This treatment can be repeated several times, leaving a graphite-like finish. Some graphite pencils can be dyed with a dye. It can also be removed by boiling a pencil dipped in alcohol for a minute or two and gently removing, then letting the alcohol evaporate. This method should leave a strong stain.

The use of graphite pencils has not become popular in the United States, but many have been made. In China (for example, Shanghai), they are called jishu.

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