What is live sketching? – Pencil Drawings Of Love

Live sketching is a process that is unique to sketch comedy, and a little bit different from normal live show.

To make a live sketch, you sketch a script that is set up in front of a group of people who have come together for the comedy show; there’s a set of rules and time frames that are in place. You are invited to join in and perform one or more of these performances.

For example, some comedians may perform one- or two-minute sketches that are done as stand-up; other comedians may perform a full-length sketch and then have a two-minute set to introduce the character that goes with the character’s performance.

Sometimes, one person will go a lot of the time alone; sometimes two people will go. Sometimes when you walk out of the room, you can hear a sound of laughter; usually, you’ll hear that sound in the background (it’s usually in the second-to-last part of the sketch’s runtime but it sounds like it may last for a few minutes because of the loudness of it).

You also may see some improv, just the sort of sketch you would watch on Comedy Central, but it just happens differently. Sometimes people come out with props and costumes or do their own characters. Sometimes you have the whole set (or part of it) done, usually in slow motion and in quick succession, then you’ll see the whole thing in slow-mo.

You have to be very attentive and ready to go, as we had to be in there for two hours doing “The Last of Us”. Also, some sets are longer.

Some comedians have set up live sketch sets on DVD. For example, the ones set up on The Ellen Degeneres Show are not exactly your average TV sketch set – the set was a long shot, and then they went to London for that night and did a set that was more about comedy – the set was almost two hours. But, it was actually an epic one – I have never seen anything quite like that.

What does a live-set feel like?

So far, we have been playing at a couple different venues where live sets are typically held.

For our own set, it was actually done at a live-set in a big old movie theater in the town where we were playing. It really felt, well, old. And you know how old movies are – not as cool as digital, but old-school video

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