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One of the most important things to keep in mind when doing live standup is to find the right location. A live standup venue is a safe environment where you can be just as comfortable as if you were onstage.

How do I get an audience to come out?

One of the most important considerations is crowd size. If you are performing as a group there will usually be three to five people there to see you. You need to decide how much audience size you want, so you can give the right amount of laughs.

How do I prepare for a live standup?

Live standup is the first stage of comedy, so you need to learn how to properly build an audience.

Do I even know what “fans” are?

This one is easy — they are people who are curious about your work. I love seeing people in the audience who have never seen my work before and are curious to see how it will affect them. This is also a good way to get an idea of what type of standup material you find appealing.

Can I make fun of people?

Sometimes — if you’re just doing comedy — you won’t be allowed to. When I am performing my standup, I am happy to make fun of people, and some of them are even kind enough to try to get me to eat my own trash.

Can I make fun of my audience?
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Most comedians who create standup don’t need to make fun of the audience. They can just make fun of themselves.

What do I do when the audience booed me off the stage?

If you are doing a show for free you don’t get the benefit of any fanfare. So, if you are performing when the audience booed, I suggest you just get up and move on. Do not let this happen to you!

Should I keep my clothes?

Yes, you should. If you are doing standup you are creating a unique persona for you and it should be obvious that you only like yourself. You cannot fool anyone.

What’s your audience’s first reaction to you?

The first reaction of most in the audience is surprise and delight. The second reaction is that it must’ve been a terrible joke. They should probably be disappointed in the way you took their money and went home.

Should I wear short skirts?

No. If you wear short skirts to a comedy or musical

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