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The definition of what it is? Illustration is the actual reproduction and reproduction of images using pencil. What makes pencil illustrating different and different than other types of drawing is that no real drawing is involved, it is simply the reproduction and reproduction of a photo. Think of it as a photocopy machine for images. You can do the original drawing onto a regular sheet of paper and then use some sort of sharpener to do the actual transfer of the image onto the special pencil.

What is penciled water?

How does the pencil transfer onto the water? How it transfers depends on whether it is inked or not. There are some common methods, some are easier and some are more difficult.

There are two types of pencil illustration:

Beware that the term penciled water is used in a way that it implies that it is easy to do the transfer. While that is accurate, sometimes you run into difficulty during the transfer because the ink is thick and/or the water is not thin enough so that transferring will still turn out a little different than how you want it. However, in the photo you’re getting the transfer of the image without actually drawing anything (which can be very hard).

Water Transfer (top: ink, bottom: a regular newspaper or dry-erase)

This type of transfer happens when the oil, water, and ink are mixed together. The problem of the transfer is that it tends to turn out a little different from what you would like. There are other methods including airbrush transfer, watercolor transfer and watercolor paper transfer. Also a common type of watercolor water transfer is ink wash.

Water Transfer (top: ink, bottom: a regular newspaper or dry-erase)

How to do water transfer

The first thing you need to do is understand what you are doing. Water transfer is a type where you will usually have to trace the photo onto your copy paper. This can be tricky. There are more and more kinds of water transfer including dry-erase, watercolors, watercolor ink, spray water and dry-erase. You cannot do water transfer with ink, but the water transfer will work on any watercolor or watercolor paper, even if you have a paper that does not allow ink transfer. Just remember that it depends on the kind of water your water has, as wet or dry, but never let ink get onto your water.

A nice way to try doing some water transfer

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