What is the history of sketching?

In the past, the best way to learn how to draw was on paper. There are some excellent old books available online, and there are some great new, digital resources. In addition to books, most people still sketch in black and white using graph paper. It’s the most basic and simple medium to learn, but one with some basic limitations as well.

There are other mediums, however, that are much more fun and are better for some things than pen and paper. The most famous sketching medium is watercolor. Watercolor is a very powerful medium. It can be used to express emotions or express emotion in general – and watercolor allows artists the ability to express complex ideas and thoughts in a way not possible through pencil and paper.

As a child I was taught to draw watercolor paintings by my older brother. These paintings were not very well done, but my brother taught me to see the whole picture or create abstract shapes from the watercolor. As I progressed through elementary school, I began drawing water color paintings that were much more impressive.
how_to_draw_a_golden_retriever.jpg (744×1073) | Golden retriever ...

Why do I do it?

The first reason for drawing is to see what comes next. We all know that some things in life can never be repeated and will always get better with age. Drawing things gives us the opportunity to experience or try new things. It shows us what “realistic” looks like and what not – and that’s what matters to us.

Another reason is to be creative with one’s own stuff. I try to make my own artwork rather than copying others. People tend to copy things because that is what they know. But drawing things that don’t look like it was made by someone else.

Finally, some people draw because they love learning new things or have a passion for art. It doesn’t have to be work. Drawing is a way of growing as an artist.

What are some tips?

There are two main things to remember in drawing – “make it as realistic as possible and let it come to you” and “practice often”. A good rule of thumb is that you have to create some sort of “flow” first. It’s very important to find some sort of rhythm to your drawing and to create a certain “flow” in which you’re “getting in your groove”. I’ve seen some awesome drawings where the artist simply did a whole bunch of drawings in a single day (a very boring exercise).

For me, I tend to focus on a few