What is the softest drawing pencil? – Pencil Drawing For Beginners Face

Is there any one pencil (softest) that every artist should have?

The “best” pencil in the world to use? (Hint: It’s not a good one.)

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We all know that the pencil holds its value the most over anything else.

But there’s a great mystery and importance as well.

It’s not just about how many strokes you use, it’s also related to which color you use when you press each stroke.

These two factors determine the performance of a pencil—it can be quite an important factor for the final outcome because of “sharpness.” A low-luminance pencil, even though it performs equally well with the same number of strokes, is likely to develop a more fragile, dull, or “pearly” finish as a result of the effects of light and pressure.

So, how does that hold true for the pencil?

This was the main problem that everyone faced with the advent of the plastic pencil.

The main reason was the amount and density of material needed to be used. In addition to the materials used for traditional pencils, such as lead, there were also other plastic materials:

Slim, soft, flexible rubber material

Tapered plastic

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Sealed plastic

Lubricated plastic

(This last one is kind of special)

Some of these types of plastic materials are made in different sizes and weights (so called variations are used) so that different pencils are needed for different kinds of drawings and it was obvious that the pencil needed to be flexible. As a result, there are several choices for elasticity (or hardness):


Nicky’s: a soft medium, but not nearly as soft as a regular-dense rubber.

Anodized aluminum: it is a very high gloss silver and is used for a lot of “super-fine” work…especially in the printing area. It’s not too flexible, but it does resist a lot of stress and is therefore used for a lot of the more delicate work in film & print.

It’s not too flexible, but it does

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