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A very very soft, very fine, fine point, very smooth, very flat pencil, with a little pressure applied…

How do I use the right softpencil?

Just, well, just…

Use it…

…You’re doing nothing wrong.

The right softpencil can be hard to find, but a few years back, I found a new hardie to add to my toolbox, and it’s been one of my favourites ever since.

The ‘Pencil Soft’ softie has a super soft nib that you really cannot see until you use it. I often use a softpencil without really knowing how it will work, and still come out on top.

In some pictures, the pencil softies look almost black, but they often just look a bit softer.

They come in a wide range of colours and patterns:

The softies are also available at Amazon!

The pencil softies (Pencil Soft)

The ‘Pencil Soft’ pencils are available in the UK from Amazon at the prices mentioned below:

Amazon Softie 1 pencil Softie 2 pencil Softie 3 pencil Softie 4 pencil Softie 5 pencil Softie 6 pencil Softie 7 pencil Softie 8 pencil Softie 9

All the pencil softies are available in a variety of sizes. A sample from the Amazon Softie 1:

But what if you don’t have time for a little trial and error?

You can do a softpencil for yourself by using this pencil-to-pencil comparison test.

The hardie has been designed to work with just one colour or material and the pencil softie can be used with almost any material. (I have used a variety of pencils and softpencils to test these comparisons).

The test I made consists of comparing pencils to both softpencils and to a single solid colour softie, and I’ve done this by having someone draw a rectangle of paper on a piece of paper, with the centre just in the centre of the drawing. Then have the drawing and the softpencils sit right next to each other, with the pencils in contact with the canvas. The centre rectangle is then placed over the pencil softie in the center… then a line is drawn between the centre drawing and the centre softie. The pencils should touch with almost no movement, unless the pencil is held just off from

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