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I’m not kidding.

But I can’t find this one!

What the hell was that?

Well, it was a Japanese ink-pen, though.

You must have misread the name of the product!

How the hell could you have misunderstood?

They’re the kind of pens that you’d use a couple of times before giving back the rest.

No! I am referring to the Noodler’s “Softest pencils.”

Who the hell sells these crap?

It’s a Japanese ink-pen!

Why don’t you pick up one of these?

Here’s my best guess.

They’re being made under license by the American company “Pentel,” and the Japanese company “Vista.”

The US company “Pentel” has an agreement with its Japanese partners that allows them the exclusive rights to develop and sell these little nunchucks.

What the hell is this “Vista” ink-pen?

Here’s the backstory:

“Vista” is the Japanese brand name for a pen called the “Softest pencil,” as the name suggests.

It was a pen marketed to pencil sharpies. If you wanted to sharpen your fingernails, you would take the “Softest” pencil and put it in your pocket. So you’d know when you took it out that you had sharpened your pencils.

It was a big deal—these pens were the most expensive pencils in the world!
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This may actually be a good thing you should be getting.

But Pentel didn’t use Softest pencils in their pencils because they were too hard and sharp. The Softest pencils are softer and more forgiving, so it makes sense for Pentel to use them.

Here’s the story of how I arrived at the “B” and “A” in the name. And where the Noodler’s “B” came from.

When I was a kid my parents bought me a “Foolproof pencil” to keep on hand, because I had trouble remembering words.

And one day when I was about 9:30pm I forgot the name for this pencil, and they told me, “Don’t forget the name!”

I was very grateful, but they told me not to mention it to anyone. My life hasn’t worked out that way ever since

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