What pencil is used for sketching?

If you think I am crazy, you might be in for a shock. But that’s what I thought! When pencils aren’t an option, you should start out with a pencil and paper. There’s a large group of people who use them, and every year I find something new. You’ll never use a pencil and paper the same way.

If you are drawing using a pencil and paper, what medium do you go for? I used to sketch on my iPhone, but now I use IKONON pencil on my iPad. The best thing about these three is that they’re not distracting. They’re easy to use. They’re thin and you can use them anywhere. Plus, you can use them in pencil.

If you are using a digital tablet to sketch, do you go for a certain colour or do you use different shades of grey? To get a consistent and even colour, I like to use darker grey and lighter colours of the same colour. If we have a different color palette, one person might have red in grey, and another might use green. It makes it easier to change colour.

You’ve mentioned how important it is for you to have a clear, crisp line. If you are drawing in your notebook, do you use a pencil or paintbrush? I like to use a brush because it makes the lines crisp and crisp.

I use two pens at all times: pencils and markers. Every paper I draw in is from a different pencil, so the lines are going to be different. A very important part of all my work is making sure everything is lined up correctly to get a good finished illustration.

Have you ever drawn a human inked on the face? Absolutely. I got all my illustrations done in this way. If I can get the drawings in, I draw a sketch on the surface of the drawing paper first, and then draw a drawing as an original. That way I know I can make an attempt and I don’t have to waste time trying to make the drawings look right before drawing them.

Do you have any particular type of pencil or pen that you love? I use a fine point pencil, and I love my Viberg.

What is the most important part about drawing? The most important thing is the drawing itself.

I have a very personal reason for wanting to draw in a notebook. My father wanted me to draw everything, so he would draw and write everything on my sketchbooks. I never really