What pencil is used for sketching? – Pencil Drawing Step By Step Face

There are lots of different ways of using pencils but I choose to prefer the more traditional way of penciling. I usually use a very thin, flat pencil, which makes it very easy for me to draw with it. It also keeps the paint away from my pencil and makes it easier to get in a good, clean line.

Do you draw from your imagination?

I sometimes do some drawing in my head when I am writing. I often draw a word or a sentence and then write it down in the same notebook to see where it goes and make it more realistic.

How do you find good writing paper and how do you make the paper easy to use?

Because of being a bookworm I used to be a fan of cheap paper with cheap pens, but as I got older I have moved to really expensive paper, just so I can be assured that I’m using good quality paper from the beginning.

What does a decent writer look like?

The best writers are well versed in the arts and are well-versed with the different styles of writing. They have a keen eye that looks for great and interesting characters and plots rather than relying on the cheap, bland things writers will do to make it to their desk.

How do you make your handwriting easy to read?

I keep it very simple and I use a little gel marker. I do not always need to write using the same writing implement throughout the day so it’s easy to change up or stop using.

Do you use a fountain pen for writing? Yes?

No. I have tried a few different fountain pens, some more expensive to get and some less expensive and none of them are as good as a fountain pen. This is partly because fountain pens last longer than mechanical pencils and partly because the pen has more moving parts and uses a little bit more ink.

What is the perfect pen for handwriting?

I find it best to use the same writing implement from the beginning!

How often do you put your writing down and why/to whom do you write on?

I do always put the writing down but only when I am ready to write. I try to write the same line once in a while and write in a clear, regular and logical way. I find it best to write just once and then stop, or to write a line on top of a word or sentence I am writing and then write the next one. Writing on top

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