Why is drawing important? – Colour Pencil Drawing Pictures Of Flowers

One of the most important qualities from our perspective is that a drawing can serve as a way to demonstrate your idea and make it look good. The main difference from drawing, according to these two guys, is that a drawing can show you the way a person normally sees the world, whereas with drawings you get a really good impression.

How do you come up with the ideas for different characters and environments?

It all starts with the concept and the idea itself. I would come up with ideas and then I would spend time drawing each character. I’d start with the concept and just work on drawing each character one after the other. To really know the subject and to understand the emotions he represents is a lot easier with just seeing him through the eyes of somebody else.

Where do your ideas come from?

Sometimes it’s like this: I’ll think about something, and sometimes I’ll see something and I’ll make something out of it. Sometimes it’s a single word, and sometimes it’s more complicated. There are times, I don’t even know that it’s one, that I just have an idea. Sometimes, it comes over my head, but then I draw it. Sometimes I don’t have the words. I draw something and then it turns out to be something I wanted and it turns out that it’s a story that can be told in one single picture. Sometimes I think about things and then something else comes over me. And then I sketch it, and then someone comes in and adds something in. All these things start happening all the time.

Why do you always stay in New York for a lot of the time?

Because everything we use is imported. At the same time, it’s nice to be able to stay here because we can try different things and try new things. That’s the reason why I’m in New York all the time. Also, when people see the artwork they ask about it. That’s very important because now when we sell something they sometimes ask us about it, or sometimes it’s just a coincidence, because in that time you have a chance to sell something.

Would you say that the art form of comics has really evolved with time since you started?

No. I don’t think there’s a lot that has in that way. I mean maybe in comics today it’s a whole different way of doing things. I think the art is more like it used to be, but still, there’s also lots of ideas and

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