Can I learn pole dancing at home?

Is pole dancing the same as dancing on stage? No.

Who is the best pole dancer? The best pole dancer is the person you love the most. In other words, if you love someone too much, you can find someone more difficult!

BEST Pole Dance Ever by Jenyne Butterfly 2011 - YouTube
Do some pole dances. Then come back when you get bored.

A pole dance is a fun and energetic dance to do at home. Not all pole dances require dancing on stage. If you already dance on stage, then you will be good at performing at home.

What should I expect at an open street pole dance? The open street pole dance consists of 3 basic steps. The first one is to stand straight up, hold a pole out and place your left arm (usually your hand) on the pole (often right and the right way around). The second one is to slowly turn your left arm around and dance on your own to the tune of “The Star Spangled Banner” as fast as you can, and then swing your right arm as well to keep it in line with your left. The third one is to place your left arm straight up (like in the photo below) and to walk in an straight line until you reach the edge of the dance floor where you should land so that you will be in balance. If your partner can’t follow along with that, then you can stand on the pole with your left arms to keep them on the ground.

What is your pole dancing philosophy? Everyone can start at the beginning and learn any pole style they want.

You can choose from three different styles of pole dancing. You can choose from basic, advanced and community styles. All styles are beginner friendly. Intermediate or advanced dancers can start with either basic or advanced styles. Community styles allow beginners to learn at home while the rest of us can have fun and have fun learning at the same time.

Do I need to go to the pole at all? You don’t have to go on pole dance at the beginning and end of the night. In fact, you could just have a little practice before the dance.

In the morning you can continue on until you get tired. During the weekend you can walk the pole all around the neighborhood. The fun is in the beginning steps, and the more you perform the more fun you will realize! So, what’s the big deal? Why is pole dancing such an incredible social experience? You can even walk to the pole and see other people walk along in their own way. You can