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We offer a variety of classes to fit any interest, and if you are just getting started, you will never want to stop learning!

Pole Dancing on Campus and with Community

Pole dancing is a free and open experience on the University of Georgia campus. We are here to meet your needs – in particular, if you are new to the sport you are interested in and you have no experience. Our first class is an introductory class designed to help you familiarize yourself with the sport. This class is available to both men and women, and the instructor can also teach you how to apply for the local Georgia Pole Dance Association. There are many other classes available as well, including our popular “Women’s Group Classes.” This is a very popular class, and you can start as early as the fall semester each year.

In addition to the regular classes and community opportunities offered there, we have a monthly meetup on Thursday nights, from 6:30-8:15 PM, which brings students together with other dancers to take on some of the harder moves in our specialty. It usually sells out, so you should make reservations to get ahead of us. We also partner with local clubs and individuals to host dance parties on weekdays, and our Dance Club is one of the best in town.

As part of our commitment to the community, we volunteer our time to give back to the community. We participate in community events, including dance, music, theater, and film. Our club provides a great option for people on the road seeking entertainment, in addition to bringing community members out to dance, which is an integral part of the atmosphere at Georgia Pole Dance.

And finally, we are very active in our community, with a number of local projects such as the Georgia Regional Sports Hall of Fame and a local charity which helps youth in need.

How do I apply if I am a complete beginner?

Check out our complete beginner application!

Who is a complete beginner?

The term complete beginner is used by the community to designate the lowest skill and experience level of a person, usually a beginner (under 18 years old). A complete beginner can begin teaching pole dancing in just a few weeks, and may already have some skills under their belts.

Are beginners welcome at all?

Of course! You can learn pole dancing from your own home if you have a great instructor, and you’ll get to have great experience!

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