Can I learn pole dancing at home?

We all have questions like this. We think we can, but a lot of pole dancing is still a bit new to you. Here’s some basic questions to ask yourself when deciding on whether or not to give pole dancing a try. We’re answering these questions to help you make the right choice when it comes to joining or getting started.

Do my parents/guardians approve of pole dancing?

Of course! Just check with your parents or guardians and see if they are willing to support and encourage you to join in on the practice. They’d also encourage you to use the pole and show your dance moves in front of anyone/everyone you meet.

Will pole dancing hurt my back?
Mallakhamb - Indian Pole Gymnastics - yoga horizons

No! If you’re new to pole, and you don’t feel uncomfortable in your tights or pants, you’re probably fine. If you decide pole dancing hurts your back, talk to a doctor about it.

Are pole dancing skills really that hard to learn?

Absolutely not! The main difference between pole dancing and other forms is that pole dancing is more advanced. That means you are more capable, more focused, and more technically sound than many other “juggling” poses. Also, there’s a lot more to pole dancing than just the dance moves, so you still have to practice just a little bit more before you can really get to know pole dancing.

Is there a lot of safety involved in pole dancing?

Yes! We try to make sure we never over-dress, either by wearing only tights or by trying to take the pole off at the last second.

Is there a class I should take?

You will not find a pole-based dancing class that is as well organized and taught as our classes at The Ballet Center. Our classes are designed to be fun, interactive, and flexible. The classes are designed to fit your fitness and personality, as well as make a great introduction to pole dancing for dancers of all levels. A good class always has plenty of challenges – just ask!

What can I expect to see in a Pole Class?

We have a class schedule posted on our Facebook, where you can easily catch up with every class on this site.

Are there any classes taught by a professional?

Yes! We have a lot of professional instructors who specialize in teaching pole dancing. If it’s a regular class (which means you will be dancing with us for 90 minutes), you will most likely