Can you lose weight doing pole dancing? – Easy Pole Dancing Moves Drop

Yes. Yes, I can! Just let it out. I’ll do whatever you say!

When you have a serious and serious girlfriend? Yes. I’m always serious, even now that we live side by side. I’m serious about you.

When you are asked what the most important thing in your life is, what is your answer? My family. I have the most important thing in my life because I could care less about anything else.

What do you look for in a boyfriend? Love? The best person to take care of me. My family. Love?

When is a girl best friends with a guy? About five years. I’m the first one who will do that. But it’s hard because it’s not a dating relationship. I try not have a boyfriend because I know I’ll be the only one.

Do you know what you would want for your birthday? If I get married and have kids, I’d want one of those cute little girls to grow up with me. But if I don’t, I’d want it to be a guy.

Last words for your readers?? Yes! My number is 415!
Wonder Woman lifting weights | Cosplay (Wonder Woman ...

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The Canadian Press

OTTAWA — It was a weekend where, if you didn’t get on the bus or buy a ticket, you were likely to make a scene. But this was much more than just a problem.

The situation became so “violent and abusive” that a local woman decided to leave the ride-sharing service Lyft as a result of what she perceived to be the “l

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