Can you lose weight doing pole dancing?

Yes and No. Yes, because it is a fun way to spend your vacation. No, because it doesn’t actually affect your weight.

The last week has been a wild ride.

I’ve never gone a full year with a job interview on my resume.

While I’ve gone through the motions, the last week has been a wild ride as I’ve had so many opportunities to talk about how I’m applying for a job (including a big one!), but have missed or not made a good effort at communicating exactly why.

I also felt really embarrassed and guilty, not knowing what to say to the interviewers and to employers.

I’ve tried to remember everything I’ve said, but there was so much to say that I don’t remember what it was I told and I have had to remember it a few times and I’ve had to go back and re-read it again.

This, too, is going to start to wear on me.

In fact, I have decided to record a YouTube video explaining in detail, with examples, what I’m applying for, how I’m applying for it, and how I would explain this to a prospective employer.

In the video, I’ll explain why I’ve had such a hard time in applying for jobs in this industry and that I’m applying for jobs which I need to do in real life as well.

So, I’ll talk about myself and my experiences going into a job search, including why I didn’t apply as quickly as I’d like, and how I’ve had to work to find opportunities which I had no other options for (or wanted), and how I’ve been able to find opportunities that would not have been even remotely possible for me without doing what I’ve been doing.

I feel that it will become a real eye-opener and hopefully I will be able to give people a different view.

I’m going to start with what my motivation for applying and how I was able to get through it.


When I first started applying for jobs (or “starting” any career) in the last year or so, the one thing that attracted me was the potential to create a career for myself.

Because it was such a new job market and I was unsure of the amount of opportunities for students and recent graduates, I thought I would have a very hard time and I couldn’t imagine trying.

The reality is that I would have done anything