Can you pole dance if you’re overweight? – Beginner Pole Dance Moves

Of course! Pole dancing is a great way to stay busy and stay fit, and people of all sizes are welcome!

This site is dedicated to educating the public about pole dancing and showing how to take part in one of the most entertaining and exciting sports you could love, at the same time! Pole dancing is definitely one of the most health conscious things on earth, but if you want the health benefits while enjoying those sweet spins, you have to learn how to get them!

Why should I try pole dancing?

1) It’s easy. Yes, you will walk with a pole and you will get up and dance. But the biggest benefit of pole dancing is that no one has to tell you to do it, you just do it!

2) It’s fun. Yes, you will be shaking from all the spins and jiggling around. But this is the greatest party of the year!

3) It’s easy to learn. Once you’re up and dancing, you won’t be having to think about anything else. You will be the one dancing the whole time.

4) You can have fun, but also take care of yourself. If you’ve been training since age 5, you can keep up with the rest of your students. It will be so easy to get up and dance without thinking about the weight on your hips!

5) You have to be confident, or it’s pointless. If you are still afraid of it, no one else wants to be the one dancing with you.

6) You’re the one who’s going to be the one doing the spinning. So you’ll have to impress everyone when you show up, right?

7) Pole dancing is a very social sport when it’s a full house. You can’t really dance alone during your dance classes. Plus, it’s a great way to bond with your classmates and fellow pole dancers.

8) Pole dancing gives you the health benefits while maintaining a healthy weight. As long as you are in good shape the benefits will last a lifetime.

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How to pole dance

We have created 10 videos over the past 30 days which are all designed to have you pole dance effortlessly. It’s all about getting comfortable with moving the pole and doing your part. Once you’ve done that, it’s time to start showing off your best moves!

To start, just follow these guidelines:

You can pole dance if you are overweight.

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