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Absolutely, just ask me. It’s probably not as crazy as it seems.”

A group of local women have made a bid to make the city safer by adopting a “bikie flag” that incorporates the flag of the outlaw motorcycle club.

The Flag of Love initiative, which was launched on the Victoria University campus earlier this month, has already met with considerable success with several other Victoria campuses.

The Bikie Flag. Photo: Facebook

The Flag of Love will be displayed across Victoria University’s Main Campus from April 25 and will remain there.

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“The flag has already provided many hours of enjoyment to the students of the campus. It has been a great addition to the campus atmosphere,” the group says on its website.

By now, everybody has watched the infamous “Titanic” Titanic. The movie has been dissected and debated for decades. So how can we know what happened before, during and after the disaster?

The answer lies in what lies deep within the ocean, under the waves, the sediment that sits atop the ocean. In recent decades, scientists have discovered something interesting about these sedimentary strata.

They tell us that some of the most important chemical elements that drive life in our oceans are found in the sediment itself. And these elements are present at levels far below what you would find if they were naturally released from the seafloor.

The researchers discovered some interesting things when they took a piece of sediment and put it under a microscope. What they found was startling: the sediment contained certain rare elements that are present in very small amounts within the sediment.

The scientists found this sedimentary strata to be the cradle of life in our oceans today…

The Sea on Earth

Scientists were baffled by this finding, says Mark F. Smith, an oceanographer at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

“I find this really interesting because it is hard to know whether [these elements] are a product of geologic processes, a result of erosion or something else,” he says.

Smith was among the first scientists to discover unusual organic compounds in sedimentary formations. Such compounds, or ‘organic matter’ or osmium — are key to the chemical reactions that power everything from the development of life to the formation of new chemicals. And while scientists were discovering a number of these compounds in sedimentary strata back in the 1970s and 1980s, some were so small that they couldn’t be measured.

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