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I’ll do it all,” said Kaitlin.

“I think you should, because the pole, being part of the fabric of the space, is a part of the story,” said Dovak.

“So what happens if this pole is destroyed? Is it destroyed in the movie?”

Kaitlin laughed.

What is next on the show?

At this point, the two women were already planning on how the rest of their lives would play out at the same time.

“I am going to do my next movie!” said the first woman. “I am going to make sure I make that movie with Jamie Foxx. We gotta do that movie.”

“I am taking the other year to make sure my movie is really special!” said Kaitlin.

Next year, two sisters in their mid-20’s will be heading to the movies and they will be starring in the story of the film.

“I want to shoot an action film,” said Kaitlin. “Dove’s a real hero and she saves us.”

But where is the action?

“There’s not going to be any action in this movie! But the girls do have to save the day!”

“What if they were just going to save the day?” said Dovak.

“I don’t know! We will see!” said Kaitlin.

Their movie is still in the works. Kaitlin is very excited about it and said it was something she had worked on before.

“I love it!” she said. “It’s about two sisters in their late 20’s who fall in love. They have to save the day.”

Both Kaitlin and Dovak said that their films are a collaboration.

“He is the one that makes sure I am shooting!” said Kaitlin. “I am the one to be like, ‘Why don’t we do this and make this?’

“The girl, Jamie Foxx,” said Dovak.

“We had to choose our own heroine! We have our own hero!” said Kaitlin.

“Yeah, because we have a different world that needs saving!” said Dovak.
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“It is not just to save the world. It’s to save ourselves and save the family,” said Kaitlin.

So who are we going to be watching their

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